Sunday, June 21, 2009

Swap for Scraps - Round III

For those of you registered and partaking in all the goodness that is Ravelry: Round III of the Swap for Scraps has begun!

Have no idea what all the excitement is about? HERE is a short post about the first time I joined the swap, and HERE is a post about the finished product spun up from the scraps I received.

Great, now that you know what I am talking about...

Guess who is hosting this round?!
Good guess! I am so excited to play swap host!

Over the next few weeks I anticipate the arrival of some 30 or so packages of fibery goodness from around the world. It is then my privilege to open each and every one, fondle, admire, tear apart into little bits of squishyness, then repackage into random selections of scrappyness!!

If your interested in spinning some scrappy-crazy yarn, I highly recommend joining! All the details are listed on Ravelry.

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