Thursday, June 4, 2009

Phat Fiber Sampler & The American Red Cross

Just a quick post...

I wanted to do my part in spreading the word on the incredible idea that the creators and contributors of the Phat Fiber Sampler have brought to life: The Super Box. In a nutshell, a massive box of samples has been assembled for one lucky drawing winner. But the awesomeness does not stop there - to get a chance at winning this you need to do a good deed: Donate at least 5.00 to the American Red Cross. Each 5.00 donation = 1 drawing entry.

Now, I bet that your wondering how to partake in this drawing...


Step 1:
Visit the Red Cross website and donate to either your local chapter or a fund of your choice.

Step 2:
Forward the email receipt you get from The Red Cross to

Step 3:
Keep the number(s) you will be assigned after your forwarded receipt is processed by the the fine folks at Phat Fiber HQ.

Step 4:
Look for a special video number drawing on the Phat Fiber Blog at the end of the June to see if you're the lucky giveaway recipient!

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