Monday, June 1, 2009

Been meaning to share this...

So, do you remember when I joined the swap for scraps?

Somehow those little bundles of randomness sneaked to the front of the line. Wow, they were so much fun to spin!!

After showing James how pretty it all was - many, many, many times - I swear; that man is saint, I filled the satchel that hangs on my spinning wheel with bits'o'prettyness. Every time I reached into that satchel and pulled a bit of fiber out it was such a surprise!

I have since decided that my fiber stash needs an expiration date - if a bump of fiber is not spun by X date; it will be torn apart and tossed into a scrap bin to be spun into crazy yarn. Same goes with ITW fiber - anything that does not sell within the allotted time on Etsy will be torn down into samples or bits to be sold as scraps.

For those of you have never broken free from the daisy chain of fiber - go ahead, get crazy, tear it up, you won't regret it.


  1. What a fun idea! how pretty!

  2. I love spinning scraps too! I just bought some of your scraps on etsy.

  3. Thank you Lilm4105, try it, you will love it!!

    And to Shannan, thank you, I just packed up your order and will ship it first thing in the morning!

    Boy, blogger does not make it east to respond to people who comment - note to self - change to a new blog format!

  4. ooooh, gorgeous color combo! i always love randomness ;n)

  5. Thanks hodge podge! I was thinking a scrap swap on a small scale - as in a guild wide swap - might be kinda fun...

  6. I'd love to see what this looks like knit up. Do you have a project in mind?

  7. None yet. I have been so busy making the yarn, I have not had time to even think of what to do with the yarn! For now it adorns the yarn bin.