Friday, March 27, 2009

little things

They always say 'it is the little things' that [insert thought provoking idea]....

Well, they are right.

So, obviously I am starting my own indie fiber arts business - what may be obvious to some, and not others is all that actually goes into getting the word out. The internet is HUGE. There are blogs to write in, twitters to tweet upon, flickr's to post pictures to. The list is almost endless - and to top it off, logo's do not design themselves.

Well, guess what I learned yesterday: It is the little milestones (or to keep with the theme - 'little things') along the way that remind us as to why we take on such responsibilities.

Last night, I returned home to find that for the very first time - someone other then myself not only used my company name, but took a picture of fiber that I created in their home and went so far as to post in on Ravelry with links to my under construction Etsy shop! Wait, it does not stop there - remember how I mentioned that whole "flikr's to post pictures to" thing - well, they posted that picture on their flickr account!

[Oh and if your wondering - yes, I did take a screen shot]

I embraced that excitement and, well, maybe got greedy for more. Off to Etsy I clicked. And yes, there was love. Three to be exact. Three people heart my little work in progress!!

[And yes, I took a screen shot of that too]

... it is after all the little things that make it all worth while.

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