Friday, March 20, 2009

finally, Spring has arrived!

The idea started last fall. Gifts to nature

It started when I neglected to actually decorate with the decorations I purchased from a local farmers market. I picked up some beautiful dried indian corn to hang on our front door - needless to say it never made it off the rocker on the front porch. Instead, as the days grew shorter, and the nights grew colder, critters found their way to the corn and helped themselves.

With spring upon us, it was gifting time again. Thanks to a wonderful idea I read here, I found my gift! With all the dyeing and spinning and carding that takes place in my studio, my scrap fiber collection has started to grow significantly. It's so simple: all it takes is some scrap yarn, some fruit netting, and some colourful fiber scraps - bundle it all up, hang it from a branch. Look forward to having the prettiest nests in town!

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  1. oooh, i can't wait until you find a nest that uses some of your fiber! are any there signs of borrowing yet?