Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Insert really annoying beeping sound...

We interrupt your regularly scheduled coverage of the Tour de Fleece to announce that the Phat Fiber Sampler is giving away a free four ounce carded batt in the Mercer's Pier Colourway.

Into the Whirled - 1015.7 lf - mercer's pier

Please direct your attention to the following LINK and put your name in the hat to win this oh so luscious, lofty, doublewide Falkland wool batt.

We now return to the regularly schedule program...


  1. I saw your giveaway earlier this morning! I've never played with Falkland before. Hopefully I will get to soon ;-)

  2. Falkland is a fabulous fiber! Soft and rugged all at the same time. Easy to spin, nice luster. Currently one of my favorites!

  3. I got my entry in yesterday. *crossing fingers*

    Mmmm....that looks so lovely and soft I want to reach out and pet it. I love the colors, so very dreamy.

  4. Good Luck abletodream! It would sure spin up nice on a new ladybug after Thanksgiving dinner..